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Into The Woods | 2014 ()



au where the whole being clones thing isn’t a big deal and alison tries to upload pictures of her and her sisters dancing and gets super frustrated at the facebook facial recognition software only wanting to tag her “i do not look like i have dreads sweet mother of mary” / “i am not blonde. i have never been blonde. this is unparalleled” / “i’ve literally already tagged myself why is this happening” 


"You’re a wizard, Harry."

"I’m a…what?"



LOL.  Bonus answer—


An exploration of Amy Pond: her characterization and development. 


Amy Pond is immediately presented to us as someone different.

We’re in the countryside; a village, after three consecutive companions introduced in London. She’s a child and a little bit quirky; she prays to Santa. Her “otherness” is something emphasized throughout the scenes. Her situation is unique – she’s alone, there’s a crack in her wall – as is her personality; she’s young yet unafraid, she’s fearless and intelligent and happily speaks her mind. The Doctor’s quirkiness appeals to her in a way; she’s not afraid of him or really frustrated by his mannerisms and unique behaviors. She’s portrayed as somebody lonely; an outcast – the Scottish girl in the English village – the underdog, and she sees these experiences in the Doctor, who represents – literally and metaphorically – an escape from the isolation and loneliness.

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My bank account is always somewhere between “nice effort, but you can do better” and “I don’t think you tried at all”